Bio part 2

Lily Potter was born Lily Evans to a Muggle family. Neither her parents nor her sister, Petunia, were magical, and Lily's acceptance in Hogwarts came as a big surprise. Nevertheless, the surprise was a pleasant one as her parents were very happy and supportive of her studies. Her sister, however, despised this and regarded the whole thing as a freak thing.

Lily was described as a very pretty girl, with long and thick dark red hair and brilliant green eyes - the latter like those of her son's. Even with her Muggle parentage, Lily proved to be an incredibly gifted witch. She excelled at her studies, especially Charms and Potions, and, during her fifth year, was made a Gryffindor Prefect alongside her classmate, Remus Lupin.

Remus' friend, James Potter, a popular boy with a liking for jinxing people, had taken a fancy of Lily by the end of the fifth year, but Lily was not impressed by his attitude. It was only during the seventh year, when both Lily and James were made Head Girl and Boy, that they started going out.

Lily and James got married soon after they left Hogwarts, and joined The Order of Phoenix, an alliance of wizards and witches fighting off Voldemort's heightening terror, where they both managed to narrowly escaped Lord Voldemort three times. Despite the unrest, Lily and James had a baby, Harry, on July 31, 1980.

After a prophecy was made regarding The Dark Lord and a baby that will vanguish him, Lily and James went into hiding. They lived in Godric's Hollow, under the safety of the Fidelius Charm, not realising that their secret keeper, Peter Pettigrew, was a spy and had tipped Voldemort of their wherebeings.

On Hallowe'en night 1981, Voldemort came to Godric's Hollow to kill Harry. He first killed James, who was trying to stop him, before proceeding to Lily and Harry. Voldemort gave Lily a chance to live, but she chose to die for her son, thus creating the unforeseen magical protection that did not only save Harry, but also destroyed Voldemort's body.

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